Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Trials / Studies

Involvement as an investigator and co-investigator:

  1. A Phase 3, Safety and Efficacy Study of Boceprevir/Peginterferon Alfa-2a/ribavirin in Chronic HCV Genotype 1 IL28B CC Subjects (2012 ongoing) as a site Principal Investigator
  2. ImClone HCC study #108438: A Multicentre, Randomized, Double-blind, Phase 3 Study of Ramucirumab (IMC – 1121B) Drug Product and Best Supportive Care versus Placebo and BSC as second-line Treatment in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma Following First-line Therapy With Sorafenib (2011 – 2012)  as the Malaysian Centres Coordinating Principal Investigator
  3. Ministry of Health Liver Cancer Project [Strategic Alliance for the Development of Diagnostic Biomarkers Panels for Hepatitis and Liver Cancer] (2010 – still ongoing) as a co-investigator
  4. Transient elastography (fibroscan) in healthy populations in Northern Malaysia (2010) as a co-investigator
  5. Audit and evaluation of liver biopsy practice in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star (2009) as a co-investigator
  6. Pre Hepatic and Post Hepatic Portal Hypertension in Hospital Selayang (2009) as a co-investigator
  7. Hepatitis B Reactivation in Chronic Hepatitis B patients receiving Chemotherapy or Immunosuppressive Therapy in Hospital Selayang (2009) as a co-investigator
  8. The durability of Sustained Virological Response in Hemodialysis patients with treated Hepatitis C Virus while remaining on hemodialysis or post renal transplant in Malaysia (2009) as a co-investigator
  9. Cytomegalovirus Colitis: An experience from Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star. (2009) as a co-investigator
  10. Evaluation of liver biopsy practice in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star. (2009) as a co-investigator
  11. Immunohistochemical Detection of DNA Mismatch Repair Genes Proteins in Colorectal Carcinoma (2008-09) as a co-investigator
  12. Diagnostic abdominal paracentesis: an evaluation of knowledge and practice in a public health service in Melbourne (2008) as the primary investigator
  13. Assessment of efficiency of bowel preparation when done at home vs hospital (2008) as a co-investigator
  14. Chronic Hepatitis C infection in patients with End stage Renal Disease, A comparison with patients without renal damage. (2007) as a co-investigator
  15. Anti tubercular induced hepatitis, identifying contributing and co morbid factors affecting its incidence among patients in Alor Star Hospital (2006) as the primary investigator
  16. Gastrointestinal Tuberculosis: Clinical Review in two state hospitals in Malaysia (2006) as a co-investigator
  17. A multicentre, randomized double blind, phase III study to assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Ilaprazole 10mg vs Omeprazole 20mg in the treatment of duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer (2006) as a co-investigator
  18. The correlation between non invasive markers for liver fibrosis( fibrotic index) and liver histology by liver biopsy (2006) as a co-investigator
  19. Stroke Observational Programme in Asia / STROKOP (2006) as a co-investigator
  20. Peripheral Arterial Disease Survey / PADS (2006) as a co-investigator
  21. ACCORD (Acute Coronary Syndrome Descriptive Study) study (Protocol R9515) (2005 - 2006) as a co-investigator
  22. Blood Pressure OK Programme Registry (2005 - 2006) as a co-investigator
  23. Treatment of chronic hepatitis C with Peg-Interferon alfa-2b monotherapy – escalating dosing regimen treatment on haemodialysis – Study P04418 (2005 - 2006) as a co-investigator